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ASIC Miner Repair Services

We're able to service and repair Bitmain, Whatsminer, Innosilicon, etc. ASIC machines from the most basic of issues to advanced, in-depth repair/rebuilds. Our certified, trained, and dedicated repair technicians can promptly diagnose problems and repair miners with original parts.

Current Wait Time: None
(updated weekly)

The Manifold Mining Advantage


All our repair technicians are Bitmain certified. New repair technicians are paired with experienced ones, guaranteeing that even rare or advanced issues won't be misdiagnosed or repaired improperly.


Our certified technicians can fix advanced issues, even ones that traditional repair centers can't do, such as heatsink upgrades on Bitmain 17 series miners and burned boost circuit bypasses.


We guarantee not only that the hashboard will report all ASIC chips and hash, but also that the repaired board will perform at certain performance thresholds (either 85%+ or 95%+ of ideal) depending on the chosen repair package.


Miners are repaired on average in 1-2 weeks. Contrary to industry standard, we use a waitlist system, so you don't even need to send your equipment in until your place in line has been reached.


Once a repair is complete, a plethora of performance and stress tests are run for one or more hours in order to guarantee that the repair sticks. We also offer a 14 day warranty on repairs, same as Bitmain's own repair centers.


Hashboard too badly damaged to be repaired? No worries. We keep fully functional boards of various models in stock if anyone requires a replacement for their unrepairable board



  • Compressed air cleaning

  • Repair of up to 3 chips

  • Whole board reflows

  • PIC Chip and EEPROM re-programming

  • Performance 80%+ of ideal hashrate guaranteed

  • Resoldering of any chips or components with solder based short circuits

  • Replacement of up to 2 other major components (e.g. LDO, capacitors, MOSFETs, temperature sensors, etc)

Our Process & Pricing


Create a ticket, let us know the number and type of units you need repaired


We contact you once your ticket has been approved with packing and shipping instructions


Once the hashboard or miner is received, it will be sorted into basic repair, advanced/needs heatsink upgrade, and unrepairable.


After the repair has been completed, you will be sent an invoice for the repair fee and return shipping cost.


Once payment is made, the items will be shipped back in 1-2 business days.

The following models can also be repaired, but have a minimum quantity of 10 hashboards and require a custom quotation (request a quote here). If you do not have a minimum of 10 hashboards, you can still receive repair service, but the wait may be longer.

  • Whatsminer: M3V1, M3V2, M20, M20s, M21, M21s, M30s, M30s+, M30s++, M31s, M31s+, M32, M32s

  • InnosiliconT1, T2, T3, T3H, T3+, S3, S3+, A4, A4+, A6, A6+ T2T, T2T+, T2Ti, T2Ts, T2Tz, T2Tzs, T2Tzu, T2Tza, T2Th T2Ths, T2Thm, T2Thf, T2Th+, T2Ths+, T2Thm+, T2Thf+, T2Thl+

  • Aixin, Cheetah, Aladdin and Dragon: A1, Q3, F1, S5, T1

  • Canaan (Avalon) Miners: All 11 series and 12 series

  • Jasminer, iPollo, and Anexminer products

  • When will I arrive at the top of the waitlist?
    This depends almost entirely on how long it takes to complete the repairs in front of you. Rest assured, as soon as your board is next in line to be repaired, we'll reach out with shipping instructions ASAP!
  • How long do I have to ship my defective products in once I reach the front of the line?
    In order to keep the queue moving as fast as possible, you have two weeks from the time when you are notified that it is your turn to upload/send valid us a valid tracking number as proof of shipment.
  • What happens if I don't ship my items to the repair center once my place in line is reached?
    If no valid tracking number is uploaded or sent to us within the allotted timeframe, your place in line will be forfeit, and you will need to create a new repair ticket and go to the back of the line if you still wish to have your products repaired. If you are traveling, or otherwise unavailable to ship the items when your place in line is reached, please just let us know and we can issue an extension.
  • Who will be working on my hashboard(s)?
    Only Bitmain AMTC (Antminer Maintenance Training Center) certified, Manifold Mining trained repair technicians!
  • What if my hashboards are too badly damaged to be repaired?
    In this case, just pay the diagnostic fee and return shipping, or purchase a different refurbished hashboard from our inventory (depending on current stock). In some rare cases, we may also offer to purchase the board from you (or apply a discount to your other repaired items) if we are low on donor boards and need spare parts for future repairs.
  • Can the component limit of each hashboard be aggregated and shared throughout all the boards I send in?
    Unfortunately not. The work required to repair boards that have some number of faulty components grows exponentially, not linearly. This is mainly because it is significantly more difficult to correctly diagnose and pinpoint components of failure when more than one component has failed. Because of this, boards that require a large number of failed components (10+ failures) are nearly impossible to repair due to the time commitment required. That said, even these types of ultra involved repairs may still be worth it for high value boards, such as S19 Pro hashboards.
  • What if my hashboard works, but just has one or two heatsinks fallen off?
    It depends on which heatsinks fell off and why. As long as it's only one or two heatsinks, we can usually reattach them and test the board without performing heatsink upgrades and only charge a small diagnostic and cleaning fee.
  • What kinds of hashboards can't be repaired and will be declared unrepairable?
    Nearly any kind of burn damage (except minor damage to the boost circuit pads or mosfet pads), especially burn damage involving the chips & chip pads themselves can't be repaired. Boards that have significant and extensive damage due to corrosion also usually can't, or aren't worth it to repair. Additionally, boards that require a large quantity of chips to be replaced are similarly more expensive to repair than it would be to purchase a replacement. We take declaring a hashboard unrepairable very seriously and only use it as a very last resort.
  • In what cases will a diagnostic fee be charged?
    The diagnostic fee is a base cost that will be applied for any hashboards sent in, regardless of the type of repair performed or whether the board is declared unrepairable.
  • How can I get a bulk discount on repairs?
    We offer a bulk discount of 10% on repairs of at least 10+ repairable (not unrepairable) hashboards. The discount will be applied automatically before the repair invoice is sent.
  • What if I have a question not listed here?
    Contact us! A contact link should be at the top right of this page.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    Repair invoices can be paid with CC, bank transfer/wire, or USDT TRC-20.
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