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Bitmain Antminer Repair Center

Welcome to Manifold Mining! We are an experienced supplier dedicated to providing the best cryptocurrency mining machines in the USA. We pride ourselves on top-notch customer service, shipping options, products, and services.


About PSU upgrade service

Overclocking X19 series miners with custom firmware is a great way to increase miner profitability without expensive additional investments. Unfortunately, in most cases, the power limitations of stock Bitmain APW12 PSUs become an issue far before chip stability, or the cooling capabilities of the miner itself.

Upgrading your APW12's to a higher max wattage is the best way to safely increase mining profitability, especially in cooler climates and in immersion cooling operations, and with our lightning fast turnaround guarantees, you'll have massive performance increases in a matter of a few short days.

Turnaround time guarantee

With our 72 hour turnaround guarantee, rest easy knowing that your miners will have the shortest possible downtime, or this upgrade's on us:

72 hour timer begins the next business day after receipt of each PSU to be upgraded. The timer will be paused on non-business days (weekends and US national holidays). Although very rare, if we are unable to complete the upgrade on the PSU before the timer runs down, we will complete the upgrade for free, just pay return shipping.

This guarantee is void in the following situations: receipt of a non-functional PSU, receipt of an unsupported PSU, receipt of a PSU shipment greater than 50 units, receipt of a PSU that requires significant cleaning before being upgrade (e.g. PSUs recently bathed in immersion cooling liquid)

Upgrade compatibility list

The following APW12 Models can be upgraded and have the following max wattage outputs with air cooling:​

  • Bitmain APW12 V1.0 - 5000w

  • Bitmain APW12 V1.2 - 5000w

  • Bitmain APW121515 V2.0-e - 4500w

  • Bitmain APW121515 V1.32-a - 4500w*

  • Bitmain APW121417 V1.0-a - 5000w

The following APW12 Models do not currently have any upgrade services available:

  • Bitmain AW121515 V1.32-a*

  • Generic APW12 - 4000w

We are continually inspecting, testing, and adding different models and versions to this list, so if your PSU is not currently listed, check back at a future date or send in the PSU to be inspected by us. If we are unable to complete the upgrade, simply pay return shipping. Depending on our current stock, you may be given the opportunity to purchase an upgraded psu instead of having the non-upgradable unit returned.

*-Some units of this version type may or may not be upgradeable depending on which components Bitmain used to complete them. Unfortunately, there is no way to distinguish between units that can be upgraded and units that can't without disassembly, so they must be sent in for inspection. Please submit an upgrade request like normal, but keep in mind that we may be unable to perform the upgrade.

Our upgraded PSUs can currently be used in combination with VNISH custom firmware with the following miner models:

  • S19 Pro 100TH

  • S19A Pro (All hashrates)

  • S19J Pro (All hashrates)

  • S19A (All hashrates))

  • S19J (All hashrates)

  • S19 - (All hashrates, both 76 and 88 chip versions)

  • T19 - (All hashrates)


All PSU upgrades come with a free SD card with the appropriate VNISH firmware pre-loaded.​



Text: 540-581-2990 


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